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Kuiz Kimia Kebangsaan Malaysia 2010 - 15 Julai 2010

Posted by pahaikan on Saturday, July 17, 2010, In : Chemistry Subject 

Kuiz Kimia Kebangsaan Malaysia atau K3M telah berjalan dengan baik pada 15 Julai 2010 yang menyaksikan 15 orang pelajar Tingkatan 5 bertungkus lumus menjawab 40 soalan objektif peringkat asas.

Pertandingan yang bermula serentak pada jam 10.00 pagi di seluruh negara ini bakal menganugerahkan setiap pelajar yang menyertainya dengan sijil K3M peringkat kebangsaan. Pertandingan ini berakhir pada jam 11:20 pagi...

Apabila ditanya tentang soalan kuiz tersebut, mereka hanya mampu tersenyum dan mengel...
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Kuiz Kimia Kebangsaan Malaysia (K3M) 2009: The Day!!

Posted by pahaikan on Thursday, July 16, 2009, In : Chemistry Subject 

Powerpoint backdrop for the quiz... Original maa..

The quiz went very well with the help from Ms Heatinorayu and Ms Ana Sarda to monitor the students. After displaying the quiz powerpoint backdrop and distribute the question papers, I went to the Amazing Egg Drop Zone to finish what I have started.

Ms Heatinorayu breifing the students on how to fill in the OMR answer sheets.

Ms Ana Sarda checking on the school details

The quiz ends at 11.20 a.m and all the students seems very happy. Hehehe... Mo...
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Kuiz Kimia Kebangsaan Malaysia 2009

Posted by pahaikan on Friday, May 22, 2009, In : Chemistry Subject 

Kuiz Kimia Kebangsaan Malaysia or written in a chemical formula as K3M, is an annual quiz organized by Institut Kimia Malaysia with the cooperation of the Malaysian Ministry of Education. Read more here: K3M !!

Teknik Tawau have been participating in this quiz since 2006, but sad to say that we have never reach the highest level in the competition.

28 teknik tawau's students will be participating in this year quiz. The list of candidates can be refered here: Forum Panitia Kimia. There are 19 fo...

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