The picture shown is actually our PM blog. The address is I have visited this site and I think it's a good site with good links around it. I don't see the vision will work for the next 20 years but I do think that it will effect the Malaysian environment in small percentage (for those who believes in this vision).

I read The Star Online Article: 1Malaysia: The road to an inclusive nation on Saturday, 2 May 2009 and I copied few lines that I really interested with.

Najib is still in the process of articulating his vision of 1Malaysia, which is to be based on eight core values, but his most interesting statement so far on the topic is that it would have an economic dimension, to advance more equitable distribution of resources among all Malaysians.

Since 1Malaysia has yet to be properly defined, it has drawn varying interpretations and, unsurprisingly also, much controversy.

For some, this slogan brings to mind “Bangsa Malaysia”, the idea mooted by former prime minister Tun Mahathir Mohamad in the early 1990s which, like 1Malaysia, precipitated much debate. Others claim 1Malaysia is reminiscent of “Malaysian Malaysia”, a concept introduced in the 1960s and linked to the Democratic Action Party (DAP). But whatever interpretations one may have of 1Malaysia, the concept inevitably denotes an ideological stance where the stress is on the importance of constructing a unifying idea of national identity.

This suggests that Najib’s 1Malaysia concept must transcend divisive conventional assumptions and grapple with the complex and thorny issues of identity, culture, rights and an inclusive national identity.

Well, it's just a few months since our PM takes over the post. Hopefully he'll do what best for the country!!

REMARKS: Got no idea to write on this one. May be in the next few months!