Penalty kick by Auto Team and this one goes in with style!!

Yesterday, my 4 PKE2 students told me that there will be a 9 aside football tournament to be held in Teknik Tawau football field today. So, this morning after returning home from the hospital, I took my camera and went to the football field.

As I arrived, they have just finished the first match, where Influenza Team beat Gersang Team by 3-1 in a penalty shootout after a 90 minutes goalless draw.

Then I found out that the tournament was postponed and will be resuming on Monday.

According to organizer, they wanted to finish the first round today but there was a query made by one of the referee. The query was: Where were the permission letters from the parents for the tournament? Things might go out of hand if the students involved in major injuries such as broken hands and legs.

FLASH BACK: This tournament was scheduled in May or June, I think.. But there were too many school programs that it only made possible in this week. I personally think that this tournament was poorly managed (No offend ok!!..). May be because of lack of experiences in organizing such event or no references were made while making the paper work for the tournament.

Even though query was made, the second match was played. I was lucky enough to get to watch the actions. So, I took some pictures for!! Enjoy the scene from the match! 

No more match to be played today!! Just enjoying the second match!!

The Gersang Team that lost in the penalty shootout by 3-1 to Influenza.

H1N1 Alert!! Good safety precaution taken by this particular student..

The team photo of Auto Team after winning the second match by 3-0 over Twe Tech.

Mr Aznan, the only SVC teacher that showed up for the tournament!!

The 10 participating teams of the tournament!!

A letter of permission form that have to be filled up for the tournament to continue!!!

Ronaldinho in the making??

Brennen playing with the corner flag!

REMARKS: May be next time, can be the main sponsor of such tournament.