Most of the programs conducted in 2008 are the annual programs conducted by the chemistry panel. It actually produce the same result every year which is most of the students only score D7 and E8. This is quite frustrating in terms of the outcome but this is all that we can manage because not all of the students are motivated enough to do better.


Sometimes, I wonder why students ask the same question every year. “Sir, how to pass chemistry subject?” or “Macammana supaya boleh lulus Kimia, cikgu?”. A very simple question but we can assume that students just want to get through with a simple pass and not more than that. Only 5% - 7% are willing to do more. I divide these students into 3 categories - good, average and weak groups. Most of our students are in the average and weak groups. To be able to bring them up, we need good programs and they have to be continuous up to the SPM examination, for I have another experience from my tuition where a G9 student scored B3 in SPM.


I actually set up 2 new programs since 2007 to maintain the 100% passing rate in SPM 2006 but they have never been implemented due to some technical problems, time constraint and limited allocation. The programs are Gold Mine and Neutralisation Program. These programs concentrate on the average and the good group in order to push them to an upper level. Hopefully, these programs are the key to achieve better mean grade for chemistry subject.


It has been 6 years since I start teaching chemistry in SM Teknik Tawau, now I finally come to a very good plan to produce a good result but it will need the commitment of teachers to make sure the target can be achieved. Commitment is another thing to be considered.


2007 SPM result was the poorest among all chemistry SPM record in SM Teknik Tawau. This year’s result is not as good compared to 2007 but we managed to reduce the number of failed students from 31 to 11. From my observation (referring on Chemistry Paper 3 2008), they might have answered well in paper 3 but not for the other paper. The result also shows that the number of credits rose from 16 to 20 but it was a small increase compared to SPM 2005 and 2006 where 100 and 75 students attained a credit and above respectively.   


There are a lot of things to be considered and hopefully, we can improve this year’s results. We, the Chemistry panel will work hard for the students because their success is our main concern and we want to set a standard for our panel in the future. Our target for next year is to regain the 100 % passing rate in SPM 2006 and achieve the targeted mean grade.

Thank you.

P/S: Look at this picture. This is among the answers that you might find in the school examination. Do you think these groups of student can go far?