Today, I go to church as usual. Actually there is nothing special to be talk about here. Just want to write something. After the mass, we gathered in the church basement room where we being briefed on what should we do in the next few weeks until the Trinity Day on 07 Jun 2009.

Kak Alice reminded us about the donation to buy a laptop for Sister Tauria. I have promised to donate some money, so I did. I saw that the amount of money being collected at the moment is around RM600. The laptop price is RM1999. Hopefully more people will donate and she will get the laptop as soon as possible.

After that short meeting, I went to Pusat Akuatik Hong Hin, an aquatic center at Batu 3 to buy little shrimps for 3Gmy pet a Golden Gourami (Gold Kaloi). I give him shrimps once a week to balance his diet.

Then I go to Tamu Takada, about 5 minutes from the aquatic center. While stopping at the traffic light, there I saw an advertising board for Carlsberg. I don’t really care about the beer but the board is fitted with Liverpool players – Steven Gerard, Dirk Kuyt, Daniel Agger and Fernando Torres. It’s nice but I don’t support Liverpool, it will always be Manchester United.. Glory… Glory!! Oh ya.. We won last night beating Middlesbrough 2:0 away from home. Not a great match to watch but winning is important at the moment.

After buying some kuih and sayur, I head home. Then I saw this board – Eastern Plaza Grand Opening which will be having a concert tonight at 7.00 p.m. Few artist will be involve in this concert – One name that I remember is Stacy AF6. All the best.. Stacy.

At home, both my son welcome me at the door. Both of them got flu and fever. “Daddy mana kuih? Yang hitam-hitam tu..”, my older son asked me. “Ini dia!!!”, I hand him the kuih and he starts eating it with his brother.

Well, it has been a short trip today and it was nice. Thanks to God that I still live to enjoy the wonderful life that has been given by Him to us. Bye… see ya!!