I have attended a couple of courses like this three years ago and I must say that this course have given me some refreshment on what I have learnt before. The hours spent on this course have developed some interesting ideas but the time given to prepare and to present the idea was too short. I noticed some excellent ideas but as I mention before they did not have the time to prepare enough material to present the idea to the fullest.

My team prepared a very interesting presentation (I think so..). I came up with the idea and the whole team turn it into something that actually can be implemented in the classroom. The rough idea came to me this morning while having a breakfast at one of the Kedai Cina at Hilltop. Guess what did I have for breakfast?  Milo Nai & Mee Tauhu.. Hehehe... And it become the presentation title. The applications? Hm... please go to Panitia Kimia page and click the Powerpoint File button. Oh ya.. it was written in Malay so, if you don't know Malay Language... it just a scrap for you.

I got few pictures taken in this course on Day 1 but only two came out good. The other... Hancuss... 

Enjoy kamurang ya....(From right) Yahaya, Ishak and Zam Zam!

Well, its nice to have courses like this once in a while. Oh ya.. the food was good. Alamak... I got to go to my tuition class. Bye... 

Sabas, Rahman and Malik "merasmikan makanan"!!

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