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Pay Your Tax!!

Posted by pahaikan on Wednesday, April 29, 2009, In : Free Topics 

Paying tax is not a must for everyone but if your annual salary exceed some amount you have to be taxed. Tax is one of the most important source of money of a government. According to statistics, more and more money are collected from the Malaysian citizen every year. I do think that Malaysian people gets richer every year. How do they do it? Hm.. good income in the middle of financial crisis? What kind of business is that?

I have registered to this lembaga since 2006 so I have to be involve a...
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The name is Brianna Amberly ...

Posted by pahaikan on Tuesday, April 28, 2009, In : Family 
After a few days thinking and brain-storming ha ha ha... I have came to a conclusion that my baby girl will be named Brianna Amberly. Actually this name is quit long compared to my two sons but I think its okay.

I have registered her birth certificate last week and to my surprise they use a new certificate. It is green in colour and one thing that differ from the old ones is that now you can choose the baby race - whether the father race or the mother race. I don't really get the point becaus...
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Posted by pahaikan on Monday, April 27, 2009, In : Kereta 

I am not writing a review on this car, just want to express my congratulations to Proton Holdings for launching the new MPV on the 15th April 2009. I am proud to see the amazing design they offer. I think it would be one of the most desirable MPV in Malaysia. I am very sure that a few of this MPV will be moving around Tawau in the next couple of months.

This MPV is available in two versions: Proton Exora High Line AT at OTR RM 75,998 and Medium Line AT at RM69,998. They have a few colours off...
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General Election To Choose A PMS?

Posted by pahaikan on Monday, April 27, 2009, In : Teknik Tawau 

Normally when a leader is being substituted, the system changes too. This thing happens everywhere. We don’t have to argue about it.

So, for the first time in history of SM Teknik Tawau – a general election involving teachers and students is being conducted to elect a PERDANA MENTERI SEKOLAH (PMS). A little I know about this post is that he can pick out his own cabinet when he wins. I don’t really know how this can improve the school environment but I think that this is quite fun proces...
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Smoking... Should We Quit or What?

Posted by pahaikan on Saturday, April 25, 2009, In : Free Topics 

It was fifteen minutes past 1 in afternoon. It have been a bit busy in the early morning attending all me children needs - breakfast, cartoons, milk, changing diapers, baths and more. But, now that they are asleep, I got nothing much to do except for my tuition at 3 p.m. So, I sat down in front of my laptop in my “operation room”, pull out a cigarette and start enjoying every inch cubic of the smoke I inhaled. 

Then I look out the window and it sure is hot out there. Hopefully the weather...
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A Strong Wind Of Change Really Needed!!

Posted by pahaikan on Wednesday, April 22, 2009, In : Chemistry Subject 
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