Are you creative enough to make some money online? If you are please join me at these two great website that provide online logo contest. These website provide prize money for every winning entry ranges from USD100 - USD2000.

It is easy to join these website because its free. You have to register using a valid e-mail, type in few personal data and a PayPal account to receive your money. Don't worry PayPal is free to register. Just click here:

These website are and I like more but both site have their own specialty.

Until today, I have sent about 20 entries but never won yet. I have to work harder to make a better logo. My collection of logo can be accessed at Pahaikan's Album. I don't think they good enough but that's all I can work out for now. May be my imaginations may expand sometimes and many ideas will come. Hopefully, I will win something.

Okay, the logo design will be based on what the customer want but you are free to determine the item and font you are using. The customer will also gives rating to the entries which give you an idea on have you met their expectation or not. You may modify your entries and send as many as you like as long as it is your logo.

Oh ya.. you might need some software to design your logo. Designing using Miscrosoft tools will not give the best result. I suggest you try CorelDraw, Adobe Illustrator, Logo Maker, Logo Design Studio or LogoSmartz. You might get the free trial on the web. Just key-in those names and they will pop-out in seconds. I have tried some of it and they are cool software. For now, I think CorelDraw and Adobe Illustrator are the best based on what I read in because they can produce EPS, PSD and AI (vector based) logo. I don't have these two software and I am thinking of getting them.

If you want some inspiration please go here:

Well, if you are creative enough... please get moving and design some awesome logo!!

See ya....