After the Sunday Mass today, I went to the Holy Trinity Church Hall to join the Bible Sunday Celebration. There were many activities being conducted at the hall from the basement, main hall and conference room at first floor.

I begin my journey at the main hall, looking at all the games being played. There were 10 games to be played and every game was related to the Bible. I was about to participate in the games but when I see most of the participant was children, I canceled my intention to do so.

After visiting all the game counter, I went down to the basement. The basement was reserved for exhibition only. There were 7 counters to be exact, displaying bible stories in pictures, guardian angel, bibles - from small sized to big ones and more. No pictures are available here because my hand phone runs out of battery.

On the first floor, they plays cartoon videos based on Bible stories. I manage to watch one of it - The story of Moses.

I actually come with my son, Bradley. I was tired of carrying him around as he was very active. He even grabs a balloon from one of game counter.  Hm.. Naughty boy!!

Oh!! They have a video show upstairs.. I'd better hurry!!

Opss!! I drop my ballon!

Well, that all I have from the Bible Sunday Day. Hopefully next time, I brought my camera along.