A new Bosch Super Sports Ignition Cable fitted into my Wira SE (DIY)

Sometimes we need a good car response and acceleration on the road. I have read about car jerking because of a weak ignition cable (http://forum.autoworld.com.my/index.php?showtopic=57516). And also read about The Truth About Ignition Wire Conductors. I don't know whether changing the ignition cable will do more good. I know if it is rosak, we have to change it.

So after 80 months using the standard Proton Wira SE ignition cable, I decided to get a new sets with lower resistance (at a competitive price). FYI, the original cable is not rosak (I think), but my car jerk sometimes. Maybe the throttle body have to be serviced, but I just want to make sure that this is not because of the ignition cable.

There is no modification on the standard Proton Wira SE engine setup. It still the same as it was before.. Standard setup with Siemens VDO Engine Control Unit (ECU) Model PW521600. Only a voltage stabilizer and few grounding cable are added.

After searching the right cable on the magazines, internet and car accessories outlets for a while, I finally choose Bosch Super Sports compared to other products.

Model/Version: M054 for Wira 1.5 Fuel Injection with Siemens VDO ECU, Core diameter: 8.5 mm, Type: Ferrite core, Category: Aftermarket Parts

I got it few days ago and fitted it yesterday with 4 new Autolite (Fuel Injection 1.5 cc compatible) spark plugs. Em.. The result, YES the car responds and accelerates better but at lower RPM (lower than 2) it still feels the same (With better pick-up). May be this is because of the new sets of spark plugs but my old spark plugs (use for 6 months) was a sets of Autolite Platinum AP63 but it only manage (good response and acceleration) for a while (around 2 months). Hopefully this time it lasts longer.

FYI: Bosch Super Sports Inductive Core Ignition Leads Version M054 can only be used in Proton Wira 1.3/1.5 Fuel Injection with Siemens VDO ECU

The standard ignition cable will have to rest for a while...

Original/Standard Wira Ignition Cable. Model: BOUGICORD 600 Class C-1 JBS Z16, Core diameter: Unknown (Maybe 6 mm), Type: Copper core (I think...)

Well, I have to clean the original ignition cable before using it again soon. The original one has a copper core you know.. I believe that copper core have better thermal resistance than the other solid core. Well, copper core is very pricey you. Around RM350 - RM450 depends on the brand and thickness Ex: Aerospeed Copper Ignition Cable 10.2 mm weighs around 1 kg...


It is recommended to replace damaged or faulty ignition leads to:
  • Ensure optimum performance of vehicle
  • Prevent increase of fuel consumption
  • Ensure Interference free radio reception
  • Prevent damage to catalytic converter
  • Maintain Effective electrical insulation to prevent interference in the vehicle's electronic system

More information on: Bosch Super Sports Inductive Core Ignition Leads

Bosch Super Sports Inductive Core Ignition Leads
incorporate a process whereby a magnetic field is generated when the spark current passes through the cable. This field reduces the electromagnetic and radio frequency interference, lowering cable resistance. Lower cable resistance means greater spark energy.

Bosch Super Sports Inductive Ignition Leads feature stainless steel windings wrapped around a specially constructed ferrite core and are suitable for LPG and petrol applications. They come with a five year / 100,000 km Warranty.

Your engine will respond better via improved combustion and increased spark duration when using Bosch Super Sports Inductive Ignition Leads. (Source: http://www.gdauto.com.au/bosch.htm)

The Advantages of Super Sports Range:

  • Latest cable technology using inductive core for better performance
  • 100% silicone construction inner and outer insulating sheathing
  • Class F cables with superior temperature rating from -30 C to 155 C
  • Ensures high performance whilst maintaining peak voltage to the spark plugs
  • Exceeds International Standard ISO3808:2002(E) for High Voltage Ignition Cables
  • Excellent RFI suppression and electrical conductivity properties
  • High liner & tensile strength fiber glass reinforcing braid for longer life
  • Resistance to aggressive under bonnet conditions of fuels and oils
(Source: http://rb-aa.bosch.com/boaa-my/Product.jsp?prod_id=401&ccat_id=33&language=en-GB&publication=1)

Point To Note:

Solid metal (copper, tin-plated copper, ferrite and/or stainless steel) conductor wires are still used in racing on carbureted engines, but can cause all sorts of running problems if used on vehicles with electronic ignition, fuel injection and engine management systems, particularly if vehicle is driven on the street — and damage to some original equipment and modern aftermarket electronic ignition and engine management systems can occur. Solid metal conductor wires cannot be suppressed to overcome EMI (Electromagnetic Interference) or RFI (Radio Frequency Interference) without the addition of current-reducing resistors at both ends of wires.

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REMARKS: I'll update on this cable overall performance later...