This week I conducted few experiments for the students. For form five, the experiments were the preparations of ethanol using fermentation method and the distillation of ethanol. I did two demos for them as if they do it on their own it would take double the time I did. The experiments demo were the conversion of ethanol to ethanoic acid and the preparations of ethyl butanoate using reflux method.

Distillation method                    Reflux method

For form four, I did the Determination of the Empirical Formula of Magnesium Oxide. Form 4 PKM2 students did well in this one. The other class will do this experiment next week.


It was all experiments this week with a little bit of theory. Well overall, the students enjoy the experiment and they want another but I think it is enough for this time around. As soon as I finish the recent chapter, I’ll do some revision to make sure that they answer well in the coming exam (Chemistry subject results have been a disaster all this while!). In two weeks time starting on 18th May 2009 to be exact! Hopefully, their result will be better and everything will go well as planned.

Combining a theory and hands-on activity does an incredible effect to a student ideas and it should be done regularly. Of course, not all the topics can be execute with experiment. We can use another approach such as discussion on pictures or diagram, collecting information or anything that can involve all the student senses.

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