Driving around is fun but with a problem on your clutch, your legs become tired easily. It happens to me for about a week (last week till yesterday) until I went to a workshop yesterday.

As I arrived, I met Mr Samsudin and brief him on the clutch problem. He went to the car and starts checking it out. After giving a couple of suggestion, I let him do his job.

Well, the problem is very clear. The clutch pump hydraulic oil was empty. What a fool! But then, he confirmed that it was because of leaks of the lower clutch pump. Mr Samsudin said “Nasib baik tidak jalan jauh! Kalau tidak jem sudah ni!”. Hm.. nasib baik la.. because I have planned to go to Semporna this weekend’s.

I watch all the repairing procedure and manage to catch some photos of the process.

Well, Brennen also helping out the mechanic on this one. Heheheh… 

After 1 hour the repairing process finishes. My money reduce by RM200 for the parts and labour charge. I have to be more aware on the hydraulic oil next time. Luckily, no one gets hurt because of the clutch problem. Bye..