"Oh!!! Tidak!!!!" That was among the words coming out from my mouth when I see the corporate shirt sample brought by Mr Edwin - the supplier. After two and a half month waiting, the finish prIoduct was quite frustrating. It was a good shirt but the cloth was too thin and I think its too sexy for the ladies. I don't think sexy teacher on Wednesday is good for our health!! You'll gets dizzy at the end of the day because your heart pumps to much blood to your head.

Well, I ask a student to try them out. He's name is Taufik Wondi - got modeling style a bit huh!! You can see that the shirt does blends well with the black trousers but unfortunately the cloth is TOO THIN!! I never had a chance to try is out on girls but the result is obvious. The fact that it will highlight the under garment the ladies are wearing.


In the Morning Prayer meeting earlier today, Mr Ahmad Fakhrurazi presents the shirt to the teachers and I assume that everyone agrees that the shirt have to be changed. So, I have to get a new colour combination for the type of cloth offered has not met my requirements. I am thinking of a dark grey with red stripe on it. Well, I am still on the design sheet and it has to be in the supplier hands as soon as possible. 

If you have any ideas on this one, please send me some reply on this topic. Thanks..