Brennen have been having flu for about 5 days and his body temperature fluctuate to 39.3 degree Celsius. His body was full with tiny red spots especially on waist downwards. I was a bit worried so I brought him to the hospital.

At first, we thought that he was having measles but the doctor said that red spots have two possibilities that is dengue or tonsillitis.

We were informed that his tonsil was swelling about two months ago but who might have thought that it can lead to this. The ENT doctor even suggested an operation to remove the tonsil and it was scheduled after Hari Raya Puasa.

So, they take a blood sample and analyzed it for about ½ an hours. And the result is negative for dengue. Thanks god. So it leaves us to the second possibility.

Well, we are going to deal with the operation soon.. Hopefully everything will go well.

REMARKS: Got to get a GL for the operation...