Name:  Dreamweaver Level 1 & 2
Date: 05 - 06 Oct 2009
Venue: Hing Hwa Computer Lab
Durations: 8 hours

Dreamweaver is a great software to work with. I have tried this software before guided by the training manual provided with the software. This course was scheduled on the 30th September but the electricity being unpredictable these days.

Blackouts have been the main culprit that affecting the course to be postponed a couple of time. Only SESB to be blamed on this one but on second thought... what the hell... the course was completed last night.

I think there were 40 participants overall and about 20 from SM Teknik Tawau.

The course was fun and the environment was conducive enough to accelerate the learning process but when you packed a 4 days program into 2 days, the outcome was a bit frustrating. I think if they provide a web host and let the participants to upload something and apply their knowledge -Wow.. it would have been an awesome experience for some of them.

From left: Sabas, Nurdin, Nizam, Idham and Edward!!

REMARKS: Next Course will be Miscrosoft FrontPage!!!