First, I want to congratulate Teknik Tawau Science & Mathematics Department teachers for making the event a very successful and memorable. The commitments and the efforts from the team make the standard of the event jumped to yet another level of organising such event. I was at the Tun Ahamadshah Hall, the night before when they do the preparations. Special thanks also goes to the SKM students for setting up the backdrop. 

SKM students

I was assigned as the parking attendant on the day of the event. Hehehe... There was a horrible traffic jam in the morning but my sidekicks, Mr Muliadi (the security guard) managed to control the situation. The parking problems went on until 7.30 a.m, luckily no one was hurt in the process.

The event starts at 7.00 a.m. The registration counters for the participants opened at 7.30 a.m. There are 13 out of 21 schools under Pejabat Pelajaran Gabungan Tawau (PPGT) participated in this event. The competitions in this event are Science & Mathematics Exhibition Booth, Science Innovation, Mathematics Innovation, Muszaphar Shukor Project, The Amazing Egg Drop and Fly-fly Away. Not all the schools participate in all competitions.

Registration Counter

Puan Fitriani, SM Teknik Tawau principle, testing the Electrical Bridge which was setup by me and Suhairi. She failed!

Best Booth Competition

There are 13 booths competing in this category. Two have caught my attentions. I am not saying that the other booths are bad but these two was creatively set-up for the competition. The booth belongs to SMK Abaka and SMK Titingan. Good job guys!!

SMK Abaka booth!

SMK Titingan booth!

Science & Mathematics Innovation

These innovation details were presented in their respective booth. I went to all the booth to check out their substances and I must say that this category have generate some good ideas for the future. I been having some great time testing some of the presenter and I have to say well done for being able to explain the details of their innovation.

Mathematics Innovation judges: (From left) Kong, Sharon and Ahmad Silang!

There are few innovations that I should mention here such as The Smart Dustbin, The Portable Alarm, Cooling Fan 1, The Bubble Maker, Chilli Seeds Separating Machine and False Coin Detector. I think this kind of invention have been commercialize but the versions that competing in this competition was a cheaper version.

There are also a bio-friendly innovation such as the Oil Spill Treatment and the Guppy Fish Species Survival Research. I like this one because the application almost instant once you get the idea.

I have no details of the innovation to be shared here, just pictures for your pleasure. Anyone who interested in any of the innovations, please contact the PPGT SAGA Science Team for more information. I am very sure they have the paperwork’s of all entries.

Muszhapar Shukor Project Competition

This event was held in the football field. The first place winner recorded an outstanding 65.6 meters in distance. The rest only managed to get less than 55 meters. The Teknik Tawau's team rocket only goes as far as 38 meters. I studied the wining rocket design and it almost the same with the others. The only difference was the length of the rocket. May be they got the right water volume proportion to push the rocket to make that kind of flight.

The 1st prize winner - SMK Titingan MSP Team

There was also a team which prepare their own special custom-made rocket launcher which I think have done a great job. If I am not mistaken this team get the second place.

The Amazing Egg Drop Competition

This one was done as soon as the Muszaphar Shukor Project Competition ends. The main idea is to save the egg from breaking apart after being dropped from any tall building. The participants were quarantined for 30 minutes to design and build their parachute and the egg basket from a groceries bag, straws and plastic ropes.

I think this boy was the youngest participant in the competition

SMK Islamiah parachute..

Close up of the egg!!

It was fun to watch this competition as most of the egg did not make it to the end. Enjoy the picture taken from the competition.

SM St Patrick - The parachute lands on the roof, unfortunately...

The egg smashed on the ground!!

Mazrin and Syafiq from the AED Teknik Tawau Team!

Fly-fly Away Competition

There were 12 polystyrene planes took their flight in this competition. The designs hm.. Some of it don't even consider Bernoulli concept in their plane. An art student may be?

For this competition, the participants were judged based on their design, durability, hang time, accuracy, distance and oral presentation. No more to say here because the pictures speak for itself.

SMK Umas-umas plane... Smooth flight but....

It ends up here... Under Edward's car!

Unique take off position!!

FFA Teknik Tawau Team.. No wining though!!

Closing Ceremony

The closing ceremony starts at 3.30 p.m with Mr Abdul Rashid Bin Hj Kahar who represents Mr Darman Shah Bin Hj Asakil arrived. After the official closing announcement made, the gimmick blast off and the PowerPoint montage played. Beautiful!! It clearly reflects what Teknik Tawau is all about. After that was the prize giving ceremony for all competition. Here are the results:

Muszaphar Shukor Project

1st      :  SMK Titingan
2nd     :  SMK Kinabutan
3rd      :  SMK Kuhara

The Amazing Egg Drop

1st      :  SMK Kabota
2nd     :  SMK Tawau
3rd      :  SMK Jalan Apas

Fly-fly Away

1st      :  SMK Pasir Putih
2nd     :  SMK Tawau
3rd      :  SMK Kuhara

Science Innovation

1st      :  SMK Kuhara - 71.2%
2nd     :  SMK Pasir Putih - 70.6%
3rd      :  SMK Titingan - 68.4%

Mathematics Innovation

1st      :  SM St Patrick - 75.6%
2nd     :  SM Teknik Tawau - 68.2%
3rd      :  SMK Tawau - 63.6%

Best Booth

SMK Abaka

Special thanks also goes to the judges

Sharon @ Sum Yoke Mui (SMK Jalan Apas)
Ahmad Silang (SMK Titingan)
Kong Li Len (SMK Abaka)
Petrus Bernadus (SMK Kuhara)
Azman Mansur (SM Teknik Tawau)
Lee Chee Kiong (SM Holy Trinity)
Abu Haris Mat Jani (SMK Merotai Besar)
Lahani Kanda (SMK Kinabutan)

and also to the MC on duty!!

Mr Hisyam Lee and Miss Heatinorayu as the MCs for the closing ceremony

Actually, there are lots of things to be mention about this competition but I got more things to do. I have uploaded 32 pictures in this entry alone. If you want to browse all the pictures that I took from the event, please click here: Pahaikan's Album. Thanks to who ever you are for reading this entry!!