It has been a few days since I last post my entry. Well, the exams went well but I have seen few things happened around the class I have monitored in the last few days.

The first one I should mentioned was the cockroach in the gum box. Hehehe.. I was fooled man!! Kurang asam punya budak!! Well, I took the fake cockroach and I still have it until now. I don't think I want to give it back to the student.


And then, the hotel Astro Boy. Whoaa... this one is quite an imaginative work by Indra Japar, a 5 PKM2 student. Well, I took the picture of him with his hotel. Oh ya.. I asked him about the door and he said that it was a "pusing-pusing" door. Hm.. its not really working but the idea was good. I think someone does live in that hotel. May be a !@#$%^??

And finally the "macha" boy. Hm.. RajaharanA/L Tangarajoo. He was wearing a pair of selipar to school on that day. And the reason is... his shoe is wet!! Nonsense.. Well look at him pretending to be very concentrate on his Addtional Mathematic 2 paper. Hehehehe... macha.. macha...