Bob & Rizal!!

The farewell party was held at a Steamboat Restaurant in the old Perdana Club House starting from 7.30 p.m. Around 50 teachers made it to the party and Mr Yahya Yusuf bring along his karaoke set for the pleasure of all.

Only Edward and Ms Lim facing the camera!

The all-girls table..

I was sitting at this table!

Shamsuddin with V chopstick!

Mr Kahar choosing what should be eaten!!

When Razi confirms that the big boss cannot make it, the teachers gone outrageous. No la.. just having fun bah pula..

Adibah handing some vegetables to Edward!

Ucop with thumbs up!!

Sedap ke??

Everyone concentrate mixing and eating!!

I think 1/3 of the teachers requested a song and sing. I am one of them hehehe... I guess everyone symbolically expressing their happiness and appreciating the moments being there celebrating Rizal & Bob.

Guys masterpiece!!

This one at my table!

I think the ladies don't eat much!!

I think everyone was happy with the food and the singing. I enjoyed the tuna and prawn. My table chef was Mr Abdul Qahar, I wanted to say thanks for the amazing mixture of the steamboat. Hehehe.. And from all the singing, I guess I like Adibah's voice... hm..

Adibah duet with Mr Yahya Ismail!! Go Yahya!!

I step out from the party at 9.30 p.m with Mr Suhairi because we still have to do things for the Science EXPO tomorrow. I was informed that the party ends at 10.30 p.m with Mr Azman singing the a Boery Marantika track as the closing song.

Got nothing more to say here, enjoy all the pictures taken on the scene and for Rizal and Bob, we will be seeing each other again and good luck for your future!