Father's Day is a day honoring fathers, celebrated on the third Sunday of June in 52 of the world's countries and on other days elsewhere. It complements Mother's Day, the celebration honoring mothers.

Well, I got my Father’s Day greeting card from Brennen, last Friday. A bit different from the Mother’s Day card but the color scheme was the same. “Happy Father’s day”, said Brennen and hand the card to me. Hehehhehe.. “Good boy and nice card!” I replied. The card got a tie and 5 button glued to it. In the other page, “I LOVE DADDY – Brennen” was written. A very childish hand writing but still can be read clearly.


Then he asked for a cake on Father’s Day – two to be exact that is one for him and one for me. Grr… Buying two cakes is too much because I don’t really eat cakes – too much sugar but I said yes.

Last Tuesday, Brennen hand his report card to me. He got A’s in Science, Mathematic and few other subjects but he got C in oral. Heheheh… May be he got problems in reading and fluency but in times, I think it will not be a problem.

Hm… Being a father is not an easy job. You have to give your attention to all your children equally regardless of their seniority or sexes. Fulfilling their needs, thought some social skills, bringing up confidence in them and building a faith to God are things to be done in the early stages of their lives. Tomorrow never dies but tomorrow will be too late.

Father’s day should be celebrated to remember what they have done for us. Not every memory with your father is good memories but there certainly is one that we will cherish for as long as we live. For me, I have one great memories of my late father which give me a lot of ideas on what father’s love means. I will surely become sad when I remember that moment but it has passed by 21 years ago. Time will heal our sadness but the memories sure kept us to go on.

Well, keep doing things to show how much you love your parents as long as they still here with us. As they move on to the other place, we might have regrets for the rest of our lives.

Oh ya.. There is a Father’s Day blessing by Fr Nickolas Ong today, at the Holy Trinity church. I was going to join them but it was too crowded so may be next time around.

For all fathers out there, Happy Father’s Day. You have done a good job and may God bless us all. Thanks…