I read the notice in the morning, at the finger print counter. I am really sure that is was not there the day before. It was the Fire Drill notice for the teachers scheduled at 7.30 a.m. No students were informed about this. Hopefully, everything will turns up right.

Well, I got class at 6.45 until 8.30 a.m, so I supposed that half of my class period will be used up by this activity. Is this a good news or bad news? I just go on with the class and wait until the fire alarm rings. Unfortunately, nothing happened from 7.30 to 8.30 a.m. Then, I stumbled with Mr Abd Malik at corner of the Technical buildings and he said that it was postponed to 9.00 a.m due to some technical problems. What the heck! Me got time for breakfast.

Then at 9.00 a.m sharp (I guess), the fire alarm rings. All the teachers, staff and students gather in the school football field. About 8 minutes later the fire truck came. There are 8 firemen on board and they put out the fire which was a pile of dried leaves burned on the side of the field. Wow.. They only take less then 15 seconds to connect two hoses and supply the water and put out the fire. It was an interesting demonstration to watch. I have been with the Fire Brigade Cadet as Advisor for three years and this is the first time I have seen a very quick, tidy and well organised demonstration.

The "fire"

Firemen from Tawau Fire & Rescue Department

After that, Mr Kholik as the chairperson for the activity called upon the principal to make a speech. The speech was a regular speech I think so nothing much to highlight except for two new things. First was about the new fire emergency path plan that will be distributed to every classes and the implementation of the left path only at every passage available on the school ground. The target is to make sure no one will get blocked while walking around the school.

Students gather on the school field - they have rescued few Chemistry books!!

Then, Mr Awang Jamry Lamsin, the Fire Brigade Officer who is in-charge in the Training Department, make some reviews on what happens during the Fire Drill. Overall, the comments were good.

Mr Awang Jamry Bin Lamsin

After that, the firemen do some demonstration for the crowd. There are two demos; one was how to put off on-water fire caused by petroleum distillate and the other one was how to put off a fire on a cooking gas tank. I was a bit scared seeing a fire on a cooking gas tank but the firemen said that the gas will never burst or explode unless it was heated for too long and the gas inside it expand too much.

The first demo: Putting out on-water fire using fire extinguisher


The second demo: Putting out fir on a cooking gas cylinder

Teachers and students were asked to be a volunteer to do the demos. Some accepted the challenge and do the demos. The crowd gives a blistering applause to all the volunteers. Here I got some pictures of them.

Mr Edward and Ms Suhaila

Ms Merlinda and Mr Idham - Gaya bebas!

Students volunteer.

And all the smoke goes to the crowd... Hehehe.. Don't inhale the smoke please!!

The demo ends about 10:20 a.m. Before the activity closed, some souvenirs were given to the firemen for their participation in the Fire Drill activity. Then they proceed to a reception at the Technical Canteen. Oh ya.. JKKP stand for Jawatankuasa Keselamatan dan Kesihatan Pekerjaan. Well, a good job well done by the JKKP team. Hopefully, everyone will be more aware on the safety and health aspect while doing their job.

Thanks... No one look to my camera!! Isk..isk..

Oh ya.. hehehe.. I almost forgot to mention this one. The Cleaning Service Team also join the activity and they enjoy the demos very much. Bye...