Normally when a leader is being substituted, the system changes too. This thing happens everywhere. We don’t have to argue about it.

So, for the first time in history of SM Teknik Tawau – a general election involving teachers and students is being conducted to elect a PERDANA MENTERI SEKOLAH (PMS). A little I know about this post is that he can pick out his own cabinet when he wins. I don’t really know how this can improve the school environment but I think that this is quite fun process to be experienced by the students.

The main rule is more likely to the American elections where the one who wins the most popular votes will take charge.  I think I am going to participate to see how it goes after this. Every votes count and I think I have my choice.

The campaign was not really amazing to be said but it is okay for the school level. There are few posters laying around the school top spot and spreading the candidates manifesto. You can see what I mean and few are being torn as in the government election. It is amazing how our children absorbed our behavior when comes to this kind of thing.

The voting round starts at 8:00 a.m (GMT +8) and we will see who wins. I don’t really recall the candidates name but one of them is Hermanshah Bin Herman.

I will update the results tomorrow. Bye!