I am one of the thousands of goal.com readers. This site is absolute fast in providing the latest football analysis and results. I enter this site almost everyday to get the updates.

Two days ago, I ran to one of its advertisement. It was a logo design contest to create a new logo for goal.com. I clicked on the ad and it offers USD2500 for the first prize and USD100 for 20 consolation prizes. So, I thought that this one is an opportunity not to be miss.

I have design something for the contest and I have uploaded it at http://www.crowdspring.com/. There is a lot of design that have been uploaded and they are very good design. I rate my design as a second class compared to them but I hope to get the consolation prize, at least. Here is my design and if you have comments on it, please do so...

The contest is open until 02 June 2009. So, if anyone interested please go to http://www.crowdspring.com/ to participate.