My daughter has been having flu for a day. The flu made her breathing inconsistent. So, I went to Klinik Muhamad at about 8:00 p.m. When I arrived, there are few numbers of people waiting for their turns. So, we waited and thanks god, our turns came at about 9.00 p.m.

After a routine check, the doctor then writes a prescription for my daughter. Then we get the medicine and went to the car. Eventually, there is a Proton Waja downstairs that is not starts because of its remote ran out of battery.

Then there was a good citizen helping the family by contacting one of his friends who is working at the EON Service in Tawau. I actually know what the conversation is. Here it goes. “Suri, ada Waja alarm dia tengah berbunyi sebab dia punya remote habis bateri. Sekarang ni pintu sudah dibuka. Itu butang untuk off alarm mana satu ah?” Suri asked “Waja baru ka waja lama”. “Waja lama ni!” So Suri said “Di dashboard, atas radio ada satu baris butang dan di sebelah butang emergency ada satu butang yang berkelip. ON kunci dan tekan yang itu”. “Oh ok” Then Suri hang up.

And then the good citizen asked for the key and tries the procedure. It works all right. Thanks Shamsuri from EON. Well, guess who the good citizen was? Hm…  

So, if you get into the same problem, try it out. Bye..