SM Teknik Tawau has a clean and nicely arranged landscape. The Gotong Royong Perdana has given some great addition to it.

We have never thought of what it look like outside the school fences. Well, yesterday after the Gotong Royong, I went to the Pondok Jaga at the second entrance in the Vocational Block to fetch my son from school. I saw another conteng-contengan at the Pondok Cendawan. Hmm.. This is ruining the eye sight!

Conteng-contengan again!!

Then, I went outside the school border only to find this….

Got conteng too!

The rubbish in the drain was too much!

I think in the next Gotong Royong Perdana, we should consider the spaces between the road and school fences. I think it spoils the school although we maintain the inside cleanliness. Hopefully, someone will take action on this!!