In the Morning Prayer Session earlier today, Mr Ishak suggested a week off to the Administration Senior Assistant for he was afraid of being infected by the H1N1 virus. Actually, before I came to the session, I was hoping the Admin to announce the closure of the school for a week but they never did. The reason was no black & white order from the Health Department.

According to Mr Azman, in the past 5 days, 68 students were sent to the hospital after showing an influenza-like symptoms. One was declared positive yesterday and another one in this morning. That makes two positive cases in Teknik Tawau.

Well, the table turns at 1230 hours when a letter from Tawau District Health Department ordered the school to be temporarily closed for a week. The staffs and students were given 12 hours to vacate the premises. I was informed by Mr Johari at 1350 hours and I went to the school office to see the letter.


I think this is the best decision made by the Health Department to curb the spread of the disease. Thank you very much!!

Oh ya.. the school will be open on the 7th of August 2009. I heard that this very Friday will be used to celebrate Teknik Tawau's Principle Puan Fitriani Binti Wahid for her promotion. She will be transferring to SMK Kuhara and I wish her good luck for the new school. I will try to get some footage from the celebration.

Well, that's all for now... I will enjoy the week off with my family. Hopefully, the virus will stay away from my family... Amen!!!