The celebration for this year is simpler than the previous yet packed with programs and it deserved a thumb up. There is no SUKANEKA but more awards have been added. Here are the winners for each award.

Anugerah Guru Paling Sporting :  Mr Siri Bin Palile
Anugerah Guru Paling Ceria :  Mr Sabas Bin Ali
Anugerah Guru Paling Prihatin :   Mrs Mazlina
Anugerah Guru Paling Ditakuti :  Mr Ishak Bin Japar
Anugerah Guru Paling Menepati Masa : Mrs Tsen Choi Ling 
Anugerah Guru Beraura : Mr Arif Bin Rahima
Anugerah Guruku Sayang (Sains): Ms Heatinorayu Binti Md Nor
 Anugerah Guruku Sayang (Matematik): Mrs Sariah Binti Chole
Anugerah KHAS ERT (Guru Paling Popular) : Ms Rosdiana Rashid
Anugerah KHAS ERT (Guru Paling Tegas) : Ms Zahrina
Anugerah KHAS ERT (Guru Paling Ceria) : Ms Sukma
Anugerah Guru Paling Kacak : Azman Bin Mansur
Anugerah Guru Paling Menawan : Ms Dayang Erema
Anugerah Guru Idaman : Mrs Fitriani Binti Wahid (principle)
Anugerah Guru Paling Popular : Mr Siri Bin Palile
Anugerah Tokoh Guru : Ms Darawati Pataruddin

One thing that will be remembered is the slow motion steps by Mr Siri as he goes up the stage to receive the Guru Paling Popular Award. Awesome dude!! He is the regular for this award. Personally, I do agree because he is always makes thing merrier with his funny stories.

Besides the awards, there was the Lucky Draw Contest done in three rounds for all 31 prizes. Here are the lucky numbers that being picked out:

168, 154, 144, 059, 146, 123, 164, 161, 048, 081, 043, 022, 142, 046

063, 089, 147, 079, 069, 088, 137, 145, 131, 163

072, 148, 087, 141, 036, 121, 143

And none of the above was mine! Hm.. Never mind lah.. May be next time! Oh ya.. Ah Seng got one too with the lucky 141 number. Goshhh.. He was very happy and I think he is happy for being lucky. Anyway, thanks to him for giving me a portion of the hamper – A NEXUS biscuit Brennen’s favorite.

So, thanks to all the sponsors for Lucky Draw prizes. The sponsors in random order are Mrs Fitriani Wahid, Syarikat Jaya ENT, Public Photostatting ENT, One Step ENT, PIBG and Dewan Makan Asrama. Please sponsor the next Teacher’s Day too. Heh heh…

All the program went well as it should except for two slots I think. The first one is The Penyampaian Cenderahati Daripada Pelajar Kepada Guru Kelas. I think it is very much unorganized because the recipient arrived first then the penyampai. It is very unthoughtful of the organizer to let the teacher to wait for the student to come. The second one is the Persembahan KAT Idol 2009. This one is the worst! It seems that the student did not train for her performance or she was nervous. I cannot accept any excuse for this one. But there was Mr Kholik saving her performance. As for the other performance, I like the Sajak, Pantun Seloka by 5 KFL, the acoustic song and the nasyid. Their performance was good ++.

Well, there is one slot that was not written on the aturcara. It was quite touching because it actually reminded me of my teachers in my school days. What happened was, Mr Mohd Ali called all Teknik Tawau teachers who are actually produced by this school from the early 80’s until the recent 2005. I think I understand what Mr Mohd Ali is thinking. He wants to express his gratitude to the teacher that has contributed something in his life and he is still there teaching with him in the same school – maybe 15 or 20 years ago. I do agree to this action that we have to appreciate and say thanks to our teacher especially when he or she is still around. We will feel blessed and happy for I think that some moral values have been expressed very well in this quite rare action. A salute to him!!

Overall, SM Teknik Tawau Teacher’s Day 2009 Celebrations ends with lots of memory. All the wonderful memories will remain and will be passed from generation to the next. I personally want to say thanks to the organizer and school for the thoughtful celebration. So, until the next Teacher’s Day celebration… That’s all for now.. Me, pahaikan signing out.. Heh heh heh.. Bye! 

Thanks you very much!!