21 July 2009
30 years old student from Indonesia,

23 July 2009
46 years old man from Langkawi

24 July 2009
42 years old man from Kuala Lumpur

25 July 2009
20 years old women from Malacca.

Most of the cases showed that the virus attack the lungs and causes severe pneumonia.

31 July 2009
10 years old girl suffering from "sesak nafas"!!

2 August 2009
11 years old boy from Johor Baharu

3 August 2009
23 years old women (after 2 weeks of delivery) from Miri, Sarawak (received treatment since 23 July 2009)
51 years old women from Kuala Selangor but died at Hospital Seremban, Negeri Sembilan.

4 August 2009
3 years old girl,
12 years old boy,
20 years old man (All died at Malacca Hospital caused by severe pneumonia).

5 August 2009
6 years old boy from Batu Pahat also caused by severe pneumonia.

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REMARKS: Luckily Sabah has not recorded any death cases yet!! Please take all the precautions needed to curb the disease from spreading.