Junior Dominikus?? Have you ever heard his name around the school? I don't think so... Well, he is the guy who has been cutting Teknik Tawau football field's grass every week!! You will remember him as soon as you see his picture in this entry.

Okay, his story was a bit sad. He actually had never been paid for the last four months and the manager from "Mat Dagang Enterprise" refused to pay his wage.

Mr Junior opt to report the case to the principle (07 August 2009) after an incident which happened the day before. According to him, he was terminated immediately the day before (06 August 2009) and the manager asked for the company lorry key. But, Junior refused to give the key because he wanted the manager to pay his last four months unpaid wages first. The manager then pushed him to the ground and get back to his double cab where he took a 2 foot long modified club. He used the club to threaten Junior to give the key. I don't know what happened to the key but I think the manager got it.

I asked Junior whether he was wounded in the incident. He said no.. nothing serious but I think there must be a slight pain after being push to the ground. Then, Junior told me that, he was summoned by the police about 2 months ago amounting RM200. He said it was one of the reasons why his wages has not being paid for the last 4 months. Then he added: Two months ago, all the workers wages were held for 2 months as the company got a minor financial problem. After that, everyone was paid 2 months wages except for Junior. He even asked the manager few times but no solid explanation given.  

Mr Dominikus told Kadir what had happened.

Junior reporting the incident to the principal.

Junior Dominikus!!

Well, I hope Puan Fitriani could get a good outcome from the discussion with Mat Dagang Enterprise for this case!! And for Junior.. good luck!!

REMARKS: Gaji mana boleh main-main, kalau cikgu yang kena... hm... mesti bising satu Malaysia!!