I wanted to write this entry yesterday but I was too tired to do so. Well, got to do what I want to do!! Hehehe

So, it’s was Sunday again (yesterday) and as usual I go to church with my son, Brennen. After the mass, we went for breakfast at the church canteen.

Then, we went to Dewan Masyarakat Tawau for the Kaamatan Festival Tawau Level. We arrived at 11.15 a.m. The program that runs at that time was dancing. Few ethnic dances were presented including a dance by the Persatuan Timor Tawau, I think.

I am hoping to see the Sugandoi (singing) Competition but it has ends earlier. I am very happy to find out that Francis Landong was one of the judges. So, I took few pictures of him – He is one of my favorite local artists.


It was quite hot inside the hall, so we went out to get some free drinks from Nescafe (main sponsor) and Indocafe. There were also stalls selling food and drinks. We looked around and as I suspected they also sells bambangan, tuhau, bosou and lihing, mantaku,. These are among the local KDM favorite foods and drinks. Umph!!


Then the Sugandoi Competition winners were announced. One of the Teknik Tawau staff, Mrs Lasni managed to get number 4 out of 8 contestants. Congratulation!! The first prize goes to S. Ryan (I hope I heard it correctly) and I do think he is good based on his performance after the prize giving. Soon after that, Datuk Ewon Ebin arrived. The Unduk Ngadau starts at 12.30 noon but I could not wait because Brennen was sleepy and tired. Next time Unduks!!