This carnival was held on the 16 – 17 May 2009. I only manage to go there on the second day and I can only spend around 30 minutes on the location.

Well, the drag race was scheduled at 2 p.m. and I arrived around 1.10 p.m. I absolutely will miss the race. I think the carnival was well organized and the safety precaution was taken care of quite well too.

There are few categories in the carnival and my favorite is the racing car category. There are two sub-category in this category – NA (Normal Aspirated) and turbo-charged. I like the NA more because it offers cheaper maintenance cost compared to the turbo-charged. I like what I saw in this carnival.


Look at those 4 carburetors fitted to the engine. I have tried this kind of carburetor fitted to a 3TGT engine. The car shows it hidden talent at 6000 rpm, but of with the good handling and steady body of the car, I just felt motivated. So, I push it to 7000 rpm and the car reach 120 miles/hr from 0 around 9 - 10 second. It was crazy!! I am not doing it again!


There are other things to be found at the carnival but my time was fixed and I have to go. The other categories were audio, car accessories, classic motors, classic car and easy rider. May be there are more but I only manage to explore these categories. 30 minutes was too short for a carnival like this but you know la.. got things to take care of..