Larian Merentas Desa SOT 2009 was conducted yesterday. I really thought it going to be a hot afternoon as usual but the weather was very compromise with the event. Thanks God!! The teachers seems to be very excited with this event and ready to carry out the task given to them.

Scene taken from above!


Buareng, Andry Lim and Julaihi. Julaihi was a bit sexy, don't you think?

Female teachers having a rest!!

20 prizes for each category are up for grabs!

These two girls don't have their registration number for the race! But still manage to smile..

The event started with Senamrobik to loosen those tight muscles and veins – to lessen the injury possibility. This cross-country race is divided into two main categories. The first category is the male students and the second is the female students. The male student route is about 7.5 km where as the female student route is about 6.0 km. Because of the handicap, the female students will have to go through a water obstacle, 500 m before the finishing line.

The cross-country race route!!

The male runners were set to go first, then the female. The first group was released by the principle, Mrs Fitriani Wahid at 2.30 p.m. A gap of 10 minutes was given before the second group makes their runs.

Gathers at the starting line!

1 2 3... Opss.. False start!!!

1 2 3.. Go!!

I was assigned as the Ketua Kecemasan but the job was actually done by the JPA3 official. I just monitor what happens and provide the best help that I can. I wonder around the cross-country route and offer any assistance that might be needed in case of an emergency. And, everything goes well and no one actually hurt in this event. Thanks to all the officials involved.

Traffic Police Officers

JPA3 officers

I even tried the route between Checkpoint S9 until S11, huh.. It was around 0.7 km. I was sweating and some of it drops between my eyes. Hehehe… Beginilah kalau lama tidak bersukan.

The water obstacle located between S10 and S11. The water depth was around one meter but being wet makes your cloths heavier. But it was fun watching students jumping into the small river and cross it by holding a rope tied between the river banks. I stayed there for about 20 minutes before making my way back to the school.

Students jumped into the water and climb the ladder on the other side.

Another ladder to climb! Adibah offering her umbrella for student to grab!

The first one to arrive was Risman Bin Abdul Latif from ARKA Team. Then, Muhamad Khairul Jumadi and Salman Md Said, both from DATA Team.

Male category winners!!

The female category was won by Salfarina Hussin from MEGA Team, who clocked 40 minutes 22 second, 20 seconds faster from the second prize winner, Haslina Jamaluddin from SAGA Team. The third prize won by Norlaila Shadatul Raflienah from DATA Team.

Female category winners!!

The winner announcer was Mr Muhammad Yamalang. He plays a great role by compensating the tired students with some jokes. Hidup Malau!!

DATA team was announced as the overall winner for the race with 203 points, followed by SAGA team (158 points), ARKA team (143 points) and MEGA team (118 points). I think everything goes well as planned and everyone was happy for the successful event. I am proud to be a part of it and hopefully the next cross-country race will bring out another champion! Chow for now!!

Female category first prize winner!!

Male category first prize winner!!

The overall winner: DATA Team!! Congratulations!!

Note: Got more pictures in Pahaikan's Album.