Well, the majlis starts at 10.00 a.m and ends at 11.30 a.m. Before that, two different talks were held for the form 5 students and the parents. I was not there for the early programs but I was informed that the talks concentrate on motivations for students and parents. It was handled by a local organisation but I can't recall what their name was.

As the majlis starts, I went to the Dewan Tun Ahamadshah to see the process. I think it went well as planned but almost 40% of the student's parent did not show up for the event. It is quite frustrating that parents nowadays did not pay much attention on their children academic development.

As usual, I took some picture on the scene for the memories of the event.

Mr McManus with a serious lecture!

Mr Edward letting the students to go through her results.

Mr Herman explaining things to Ammar's mother.

Hm.. Ustazah Maria suggesting what best to improve the student performance.

Students posing for the camera!! Hurray!!