Excellent! This is all I have to say to the Majlis Perasmian Penutupan Minggu Bahasa being conducted yesterday, 30th April 2009 at Dewan Tun Ahamadshah. Congratulations guys!!! The flows is good and there is only minor mistakes that actually makes everyone laugh - I don't consider it as a mistakes maybe some misjudgments by the students who performed in one or two of the shows.

The slot Berbalas Pantun was incredible, Puan Pengetua also participate in this one. Mr Idham was terrific, he makes his pantun spontaneously and the last one was the best - Kalau kau boleh saja pok. All the other shows such as the choral speaking, the pantomime and the singing was great too. It turns my frustrating week (most of the students go to the Minggu Bahasa Programs than to Unit Beruniform meetings on Wednesday) into a smile.

I took this picture after the ceremony. Look at those happy teachers. That's the way to express your feelings after a job well done... Hmmm... My heartiest congratulations goes to  Jabatan Bahasa Head of Department, Mr Yahya Ismail. Thanks and keep up the good job. Until the next Minggu Bahasa .....

Oh ya.. if you want the picture above please download it by clicking here: Download Picture Now! and the other pictures can be access in Pahaikan's Album.