Three SABAH FA matches will be played in Tawau Sports Complex. Actually, Mr Rasi had told me about it 2 weeks ago but I wanted to wait for the banners to come up.

Well the three matches are:
Sabah FA vs Selangor on 26 Sept 2009
Sabah FA vs PDRM on 03 Oct 2009
Sabah FA vs Kedah Kuala Muda Naza on 10 Oct 2009

The tickets are sold at RM12 (roof) and RM7 (open). They can be bought at Tawau Sports Complex or at Sandhu Sports on the match day starting from 8 a.m.

For all the football goers in Tawau... please don't forget to come and support our local team.

REMARKS: Hopefully, SABAH FA can get to the final!!