I sleep early last night just to make sure that I woke up at time to watch the LIVE MATCH between Arsenal and Manchester United at the EMIRATES Stadium. Arsenal with a good home record actually worries me a lot. But, United was brilliant from the start. I am happy with the team performance and hopefully it will go on until the final.

I woke up around 2:40 a.m and switch on the TV. After few minutes my phone ring and it was Khairul Nuhaizam.. I know what he is going to talk about so I let the phone ring by itself. Nothing to be happy for the match have 78 minutes to go. After the final wisel, then I SMS him. Huh!! We cruise to the final!! Congratulations!!! 

Once again.. Congratulations to all Man United Fan!!! We go to the final to meet either Chelsea or Barcelona - which will be playing tomorrow morning!!

Arsenal                                     Manchester United
Robin Van Persie (pen 76)          Ji-Sung Park (8)
                                             Cristiano Ronaldo (11)
                                             Cristiano Ronaldo (61)

Ronaldo with 1 assist and 2 goals!! Brilliant!!