Today my son, Brennen came home from school with a card - A Mother’s Day card that he made at school for his mummy. Well my wife said “Ada sudah yang bagi saya kad Mother’s Day ni”. We both smiles.. something is actually funny but we not really sure what was it. May be the effort that Brennen gives to make his card or may be the thought that matters. Brennen explains his card seriously and then kiss his mother cheek. I wonder if he really understand what Mother's Day is actually mean - may be 5%. But one thing that I am very sure with is that my older son will be a loving person when he grows up.

Look at his card and you might have an opinion to share. See those round shapes inside the card. It actually a love shapes!!


The card comes with a gift, a potpourri and a spoon. I don't really know what the spoon suppose to mean but I think it is something special. So I type spoon into the Online Reference provided at Laman Utama Pahaikan's and the result is this:

Verb: Old-fashioned slang to kiss and cuddle [Old English spōn splinter].

My mother has just gone back to Kota Kinabalu (after being here for about 3 weeks) for she has to attend a meeting organized by PELADANG - something to do with crops. I'll contact her on the 9th to wish her Happy Mother's Day. Well, we have to appreciate their love and contribution to us.

Happy Mother's Day to all of you out there!! Make sure you tell your mum that you love her for Honour your Father and Mother is one of the Ten Commandments.