I am very happy that Pahaikan.com have been visited around 750 times since the launching 3 months ago. Pahaikan's Blog gets the most visits - more than the main page. Thanks a lot.

Every page got my picture paste on the page header. Well, I am changing it to a newly created Pahaikan.com page header to give Pahaikan.com a new identity.

Something fishy for Pahaikan.com

Well, good bye to the old page header.

The old page header!! Got memories to keep!!

Hopefully the new one will stay for a long time.

Oh ya.. I design logos for CrowdSPRING.com and eLOGOcontest.com. If you like Pahaikan.com design, you may ask me to do it for you .. but it will not be a free service... hehehehe....