A tagline I created for Well, the new season is coming. Get ready managers!! The whole 38 games to be played will be very hard because the prices of the players has gone up madly. I guess we have to buy two or three players from the newly promoted teams to the EPL: Burnley FC, Birmingham City FC and Wolverhampton Wanderers FC.

Well, its been a very awful last season playing as Tapai Mantaku FC manager - completing the round at 38th place out of 52 managers. So, for this coming season I will be using a new team name: Pahaikan CF. Hopefully with the new name, my team will be a champion again. 

For those who are interested in joining this league please log on to and read the rules.

Special thanks also goes to for providing a very wonderful platform for the COT managers to play with. Thanks again. To all the managers... be ready and "pai bagus-bagus ni kali"!!!!!!! Wala.....