I was searching for my GUNDAM magazine (Model Kit World Vol 171 - 2008) when I found these newspaper cuts in one of my files. Hm... Good since I have forgotten about it after start working.

Me, third from the right - still "kurus" at that time.. Hehehe!!

I was very happy at that time to find out that our picture with Datuk Yong Teck Lee was published in The Daily Express 08 October 1997. I don't remember what page it was but surely not the first page. Eric was lucky to get the coloured version of it. Eric was the 4th guy from the right. He was the brightest student in my course at that time and the last time I heard from him, he was working for NESTLE in KL.

Oh ya... I studied Industrial Chemistry for 3 years in UMS before working as a Chemist at one of the Water Treatment Company in Sabah... Then, I applied for KPLI and become a teacher since 2003. I like this job very much!! :)

Got another newspaper cut... This one was published in Sabah Times in May 1998. I can't really recall the date because I forgot wrote it down. My team was competing for the Ketua Kampung Mansiang Cup in 7 side football championship. We managed to get the third place out of 12 teams. My position... Hehehe.. I played as the goalkeeper and sometimes, striker.

Front row, white shirt, first from the right

My team players age ranged from 15 to 21 years old. We played few friendlies in SAS Tamparuli, Kg. Kalansanan, Inanam, Kg. Kokol, Padang Menggatal, Padang Tamparuli, Balai Polis Menggatal and Tung Tung FC.

I remembered Tung Tung FC very well because I was beaten 7 times in our second friendly match. We lost the match with 10 to 3. The first friendly match result was a 4-4 draw on the same pitch.

Well, sometimes its good to recall past memories to cheer our day. For me these newspaper cuts especially the picture on it, keeps a lot of memories to be shared between friends and family.