Well... playing online games are fun especially when it suits your interest. I like football very much and I played online games since last year. Here I would like to suggest 3 great website for playing football online games - as a manager of course...


Managing a team will be a bit difficult at first. But, they provide an easy to follow instruction or tutorial to learn how to play the game.

Each games will give you different feel and personally I think itsagoal.com is the most challenging. One that is not offered for free account in itsagoal.com is the friendly match. But the other two do offer this option.

For those who like online football games, just click the pictures above and register for free.

If you want to challenge my team, refer to these id:

Itsagoal.com ID: pahaikan, Club: Club Arsenal231
Trophymanager.com ID: 540989, Club: Pahaikan FC
Managerleague.com ID: PahaIkan, Club: CF Pahaikan

REMARKS: I was sacked after three lost in a row in my first 5 match in itsagoal.com... What a shame!!