Last night was the OSCAR NIGHT 2009 for Teknik Tawau. It starts at 6.45 p.m and ends around 12 midnight. It deserves thumbs up for all the effort that have been given to make such celebrations a success.

Apart from the venue (Promenade Hotel, Tawau), there is a major changes done to the reception area where they provide a photo stage and interview. It was a bit celebrity style but I do think all the Teknik Tawau teachers deserve to be treat like this once in a while.

The VVIP for the ceremony was YB En. Pang Yuk Ming, Pembantu Menteri Pembangunan Infrastruktur Negeri Sabah who is also the Ahli Dewan Undangan Negeri N 58 Merotai. The VVIP and VIPs arrived at 7.30 p.m with everyone standing to honor them. After a deliberate speeches from Pn Fitriani Wahid and YB En. Pang Yuk Ming, the food was served. While eating, the ICT presentation was played and nasyid was performed. After that, Mr Ishak and Mr Yahaya representing Jabatan Bahasa perform their singings. The title of the song was Lagu Jiwa Lagu Cinta originally by M Nasir and Mawi. It was fun to watch two otai teachers enjoying their moments on the stage. Then Mr Aznan and Ms Arnie took the stage with Westlife song, I don’t really recall the title but it was nice.

After the performance, it was the LUCKY DRAW @ CABUTAN BERTUAH. There was too much prizes that have been given away so I did not write down the winners names. The prizes were hampers and electrical appliances. I sit at Table 10 with Mr Suhairi, Mr Sabas, Ust Jamree, Mrs Adzlina, Mrs Rosalin, Mrs Tsen Choi Ling, Ms Lim Lay Yong and Ms Christine Siew. I think our table was the LUCKY TABLE for the night because out of 10, 9 brought a hamper home. A pity for Ms Christine but she was quite stunning with her dark blue dress.

I was picked to represent Jabatan Sains & Matematik for the singing part. My song title was Terima Kasih by Awie Wings. I was very nervous because I have never performed to other people except for acara sendiri-sendiri.  But I guess I have given something to the crowd as they support me with their applauses. I am very grateful for doing it and it does helps boosting my confident on stage. The other performance comes from Ms Rosdiana Rashid, Ms Lim Lay Yong and Mrs Lasni. Mrs Lasni was the winner for the best performance. Her voice was classy. I think I was outclassed by 10 out of 10 compared to her… Hehehehee… What to do, she was a regular contestant for Tawau district singing competition.

I have not taken any photo at this occasion because I forgot to bring my camera. Well, I’ll get the photos from Mr Sabir and update it later at Pahaikan's Photo Album.

Here I listed out all the winners of their respective awards.

Guru Cemerlang Teknikal: Mr Idham Hussin
Guru Cemerlang Vokasional: Mr Nurdin Muliuseng
Guru Cemerlang ERT: Mrs Nurmisah Satta
Guru Cemerlang jabatan Bahasa: Mr Ishak Japar
Guru Cemerlang Jabatan Kemanusiaan: Mr Mohd Hatta Hassan
Guru Cemerlang Jabatan Sains & Matematik: Mrs Sariah Chole
KTBM Cemerlang (L): Mr Abdul Kahar Abdul Rahim
KTBM Cemerlang (P): Ms Rokiah Arsad

Guru Cemerlang Pengurusan Kelab/Persatuan: Mr Kholik Maming
Guru Cemerlang Pengurusan Unit Beruniform: Mr Abdul Qahar
Guru Cemerlang Pengurusan Sukan Permainan: Mr Wan Samsuhaimi
Guru Cemerlang Pengurusan Kokurikulum: Mr Mohd Nizam Osman
Guru Cemerlang Pengurusan Kelas: Mrs Siti Zalina
Guru Cemerlang Pengurusan Disiplin: Mr Ishak Japar
Guru Cemerlang Pengurusan HEM: Mrs Norliza Zakaria

Pengurusan Bengkel Terbaik: Amalan Bengkel Memesin
Pengurusan Panitia Terbaik: Panitia Sains
Pengurusan Kokurikulum Terbaik: Taekwondo
Pengurusan Kurikulum Terbaik: Unit Peperiksaan & Penilaian
Pengurusan Unit HEM Terbaik: Unit Bimbingan & Kaunseling
Pengurusan Jawatankuasa Terbaik: Jawatankuasa Kesihatan & Keselamatan Pekerja

Guru Harapan (L): Ust Jamree
Guru Harapan (P): Mrs Masneh Sohide
KTBM Harapan: Ms Ayang Sakinah Pipak
Persembahan Terbaik: Mrs Lasni
Star of The Night (L): Mohd Rizal Semong
Star of The Night (P): Ms Heatinorayu Md Noor
Best Of The Best: Mr Azman Mansur

Well, the OSCAR NIGHT 2009 ends with lots of sweet memories that is sure to be told to others. Until the next OSCAR NIGHT… chow cin cau!!!