Paying tax is not a must for everyone but if your annual salary exceed some amount you have to be taxed. Tax is one of the most important source of money of a government. According to statistics, more and more money are collected from the Malaysian citizen every year. I do think that Malaysian people gets richer every year. How do they do it? Hm.. good income in the middle of financial crisis? What kind of business is that?

I have registered to this lembaga since 2006 so I have to be involve and my annual salary increase around 4% every year. Grrr!! small increment but I am grateful for what I get monthly.

I tried to access the website in these two days to file my income tax at home but it was unsuccessful. So to make life easier, I go to the LHDN Tawau branch today with Mr Suhairi. Luckily only few people are using the services provided there. After being given a number, we wait for about 5 minutes to be entertained by the officer in-charge.

After filling all the details for last year, the total tax comes out... RM53.78. So, what the hell. I clicked the e-bayaran and paid the tax using my CIMBclicks through FPX service. I think it cost me RM0.50 per transaction but it is worth while than getting involve in a long queue at the bank. So, another job was completed this week. Oh.. Mr Suhairi pays nothing for 2008 income tax. Good for him. Well, don't forget.. tomorrow is the last day for the assessment and payment. Okay bye for now!!