Look at the topic! Hehehe… Actually I don’t know how to translate them in English so I let it in its original state. Sorry for my weaknesses!

Well the competition starts at 07:30 a.m where the participants register their teams. Actually I am at my class doing the writing and balancing a chemical equations topic in 4PKE2 class. I can see them through the windows.  

While waiting for the other teams to arrive, the technical staffs still setting up some equipment for the Majlis Penutupan Perasmian scheduled at 2:30 p.m. All the participants have arrived around 8:30 a.m. There are 6 schools that participate in this competition namely, SM Teknik Tawau, SMK Jalan Apas, SMK Kinabutan, SM Teknik Lahad Datu, SMK Pasir Putih and SMK Umas-umas.

Before the competition starts, one of the JPA3 staffs gave few instructions to the participants and then they move to their respective stations. There are 4 stations namely:

1.   Kawad Kaki
2.   Rawatan Awal
3.   Melawan Kebakaran
4.   Menyelamat

From the information that I get in the meeting, only three schools participate in all competitions including SM Teknik Tawau. The winners will be announced on the Majlis Penutupan Perasmian. The list of winners can be accessed at this link: Senarai Pemenang.

Here are some pictures taken from the activity. If you want more of it please click here: Pahaikan’s Album.

If you want more information on this competition please click here: Pertandingan Kemahiran Integrasi Kadet Pertahanan Awam Peringkat Zon Tenggara 2009. The rules are also written in this link.