The Cabaran INSTIK program consists of three different competitions. The competitions are Fly-fly Away, Muszaphar Shukor Projects and The Amazing Egg Drop. The participants in each category in random order are:

Fly-Fly Away: Prepare a plane using polystyrene.

Anak Singkong (4 PKM2)
Republic Of PKE1 (5 PKE1)
Mas Air Lines (4 PKM1)
B One Boyz (4 PKA1)
Boieng 747 @ Techno-Airline (4 PKOM)
Flamingo Team (4 PKE1)
Katering (4 KAT)
PPN Asia (5 PPN)

Muszaphar Shukor Projects: Prepare a rocket using a 1.5 liter plastic bottle. The physic concept behind it is the air pressure. 

Materialistik (5 PKE2)
Roket Speed (5 ABM)
Awam Selamanya (5 PKA1)

The Amazing Egg Drop: Prepare a parachute for an egg with the items provided.

Republic Of ABM (4 ABM)
Tamahome (4 PKE1)
HSR (4 PKE1)
Computer FC (4 PKOM)

The competition starts at about 3.00 p.m after the registration process. It was carried out simultaneously. Every competition starts with an Oral Presentation which brings 15 marks in full. Fluency, technical aspect and design are among the things being monitored by the judges.  

Registration process.

I was in-charge in the Muszaphar Shukor Projects as a judge. Well, only three participants in this one so I guess everyone is a winner. Roket Speed’s rocket flew about 30 meters and I am sure they win because the other only manage to achieve 16 meters in distance. There is another aspect that is being counted such as accuracy and damage but it doesn’t matter as their rocket does well in that part too.

Muszaphar Shukor Oral Presentation.





Roket Speed's rocket flew up about 25 feet above the ground and land 30 meters from the launching point.

For the Amazing Egg Drop competition, the participants were given 30 minutes to prepare their parachute and safety gear for their egg. After that, they do the oral presentation and then the egg drop session. One of the participants egg does broke because their design does not apply to the egg safety. A pity for them because their design is very interesting - double parachute and a bag.

Serious looking Mr Syed Abdul Rahman in the Oral Presentation session... hehehe..

Preparing to drop the egg.

1.. 2.. 3.. And away!!!

One egg jump out of it's parachute and crack!

The Fly-Fly Away participants were the last one to perform their flight. It is because of the number of participants and too many questions were asked by the judges. Nine planes take off in this part of competitions. The jet fighter was very sharp and accurate. I think it was because of its designated design but it confronted a small damage in its first trial flight.

The nine competitors trying to make Teknik Tawau longest distance and accurate flight.

The plane take off from the 2nd floor of the Technical building.

Mr Rosley Lipen - Jotting down the distance and accuracy of the flight.

Damage its own wing while landing. 

Mr Ah Seng tring to distract the pilot and he did!

The Anak Singkong plane was a bit too much for a hand made. I personally think it’s a fraud. It just looks like a ready made polystyrene plane. I really thought it will fly smoothly but it does the reverse. The plane crushed to the wall of the school building and damages its tail. The second trial was even worst. It just fall like a bomb dropped from a bomber. Hehehehe… Tak jadi la…

Anak Singkong polystyrene plane

Well, the competition ends at about 4.15 p.m. I am very happy to see the programs went well. Congratulations to all the winners and it will be announced on Monday at the weekly assembly.