As promised, the winners for the Program Cabaran INSTIK were announced yesterday in the assembly. My handset battery was weak so, I could not capture the moment they received the prizes on the stage. But, thankfully I got some pictures of the winners from an anonymous. Thanks..

The results are:

Fly-Fly Away

1st prize: B One Boyz (4 PKA1)
2nd prize: SHARK (5 PKE2)
3rd prize: Flamingo Team (4 PKE1)

Muszaphar Shukor Project

1st prize: Roket Speed (5 ABM)
2nd prize: Awam Selamanya (5 PKA1)
3rd prize: Materialistik (5 PKE2)

Muszaphar Shukor Project winners!

The Amazing Egg Drop

1st prize: MUMZ (4 PKM2)
2nd prize: Computer FC (4 PKOM)
3rd prize: Republic Of ABM (4 ABM)

Congratulations to all the winners!!

The 4 PKM2 students manage to win The Amazing Egg Drop. I was a bit curious because their parachute did crushed against the wall but I then I think they got marks somewhere else other than the practical part.

The MUMZ team!!

Here they are enjoying what they have won. Well, congratulations again. Until the next Program Cabaran INSTIKā€¦ See ya...