VOCATION, an English word came from a Latin word VOCARE is the main focus in this seminar. It means calling or invitation. Actually it has nothing to do with me directly because I have chosen the matrimony but I got a lot of information by attending this seminar. Thanks be to God!

The seminar starts at 07:30 a.m for registration and starts around 08:15 a.m. As always, it starts with a prayer and Fr. Philip take charge for the introduction. The intro was simple but very understandable. In short – Vocation happens to every people and when you get one, you’ll have to make a choice and usually you won’t be able to deny it. Fr Philip do give a little tips on how to deal with this – PRAY and let the holy spirit helps you with your choices. Your life experiences too will help. 

Every choice comes with a task and if you are chosen to get married, your task is to guide your family to be good children of God. Vocation may come from your own inspiration on what happens around you. It may come in times where you feel dejected. You have to be very generous in giving your responses because if you try to reject your feeling you get into a dilemma.

A lot of people have been gone through this and most of them do their task well. Few of the have been written in the Holy Bible such as Abraham (Kej 12:1-3), Moses (Kel 3:10-12), David (1 Samuel 16:7, 12-13), Yohanes (Mark 1:1-4), Peter (Mat 4:18-22) and Paul (Kisah Para Rasul 9). You may read them yourself.

The other session was handled by Br David A. Garaman and a Sister. I can’t really recall the Sister name but I think it is sounds like Tina or something like that. Br David is a very happy character but the Sister seems to be a little serious looks.

There are 6 session overall and it ends at 4.30 p.m. The last session was very interesting – writing a letter of your requests and hopes to Lord Jesus Christ. Actually the letter will never go to Jesus but the Franciscan Sister will bring up all the requests in their prayer. Hopefully God will hear us! Amen.

Oh.. I almost forget, the food was good (break at 10.30 a.m, lunch at 1.00 p.m and tea at 4.30 p.m) and I can’t expect more because we paid only RM5 per head for the seminar. After that, we gathered around for the last part before going home – taking pictures. There is no fancy pose because we are all tired and you may see it in this picture.

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