5 days without internet!! Huh.. I felt something missing in my daily activities. Anyway, its okay now!

According to the Borneo Post Online on 30 July 2009, some 40 per cent of repairs to the main Telekom Malaysia Bhd exchange at Mile 2 in Sandakan has been completed. The fire broke out on the second floor of the Telekom Malaysia Berhad Sandakan office on Sunday. Read more...

Picture taken from The Borneo Post Online

Yesterday, TM Sabah general manager, Sukkuriya Masri, said TM customers who experienced disruption of services for 24 hours could get a rebate from the company. You may call TM via 100 to get the rebate and you may read the news here: Consumers can get rebate, says Telekom GM 

Info: A total of 11,525 TM customers and 10,429 in Tawau and Sandakan were affected by the fire.