Sabah failed to make it from the group stage after a 1-3 loss to Kedah Kuala Muda Naza.

The first 30 minutes was all about Sabah. They attack from the flank and manage to get a goal in the 28th minutes scored by the captain in a set pieces. Kedah Kuala Muda Naza played a very defensive game and only uses Akmal Rizal as a lone striker.

The first half was considered okay for me. The second half was horrible. The passes, the strikers and especially the goalkeeper.... everything went wrong. Sabah managed to organise their attacks after a good substitution by the coach and controlled the midfield for a while. After that, the opposition make 2 substitution which produced a goal in the 65th minutes after a very sloppy goalkeeping.... Buduh betul bah ni keeper!!!!

The visitor then killed the game in the 83rd minute by scoring the 3rd goal after an untidy catch by the keeper.

It was very frustrating end to the hope and momentum that have been build up for the Sabah supporters in Tawau.

Only few Sabah players that have shown their good qualities for this level of competition. I personally think that Sabah have to keep on searching for the players that they need to build a team that is good enough to be a contender to lift the cup.

As a Sabah fan, I just wanted to say thanks for all the effort... Although it was not enough but the fans know that Sabah limits was at the group stages as all the opposition in Group D was too good for them.

REMARKS: Sabah still my 2nd club after Manchester United...!!!