Arrico Jumitih, the 20 year old Dusun strongman from Kampung Mansiang, Menggatal, en route to winning the gold medal in the 62 kg weightlifting category athe the 2010 Commonwealth Games in New Delhi, 5th October, 2010 - Photo from

Aricco, 20 (center) with fellow Malaysian, second placed Naharudin Mahayudin, 26 (left). Malaysia completed a 1-2 finish in the 62 kg category. Congrats Malaysia!!! Third place goes to Sri Lankan Sudesh Anton Kurukulasooriyage, 25 - Photo from

Proud family: Aricco's mum, Emily Sabin (left) showing a news report about Aricco’s success to her daughter Agnes, who is holding Sheryn Britny, and her son-in-law Venus Lairing at their house in Kg Mansiang, Menggatal, Sabah, Malaysia.

IBU Aricco Jumitih, Kinduhoi Sabin (kanan) dan adiknya, Juliana Sabin membaca laporan kejayaan anaknya meraih emas angkat berat, kelmarin. - Foto Edmund Samunting (

WEIGHTLIFTER Aricco Jumitih’s mother Kinduhoi @ Emily Sabin, 52 years old, drove a schoolbus to support the family of six sibling after her husband passed away four years ago.

It has been a hard life but Emily can breathe a little easy now after his son beat the odds to grab the second gold medal for Malaysia in the Delhi Games on 5th October, 2010.

The medal will be worth RM80,000 under the National Sports Council (NSC) incentive scheme.

When met by reporters at her house in a village called Mansiang in Menggatal, Emily said she did not expect her son to win the gold medal.

"Aricco called me at 11 pm last nite and joked that he was only placed 6th" said Emily.

Aricco, who hails from Mengatal, a small town near Kota Kinabalu, and never even competed at the SEA Games level before, surprised even himself in chalking up personal best efforts en route to winning the men’s 62kg competition at Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium.

"We are very happy but at the same time, sad. This because his late father (who died in 2006) could not witness this historic event".

"We came from a poor family.. we are not rich. When my husband passed away in 2006 (The late Uncle Fred), I took over his former job as bus driver to support the family" said Emily.

Luck smiled on 20-year-old, the youngest son of the family, after favourite Dimitris Minasidis appeared to be struggling with a hip injury and performed below expectations.

The Cypriot only managed a total of 252kg for ninth place.

Aricco lifting 120 kg in snatch - Photo from

Aricco lifting 156 kg in clean and jerk - Photo from

Aricco lifted personal best in both the snatch (120kg) and in clean and jerk (156kg) to secure an unexpected gold for Malaysia with a total of 276kg.

There were more cheers with 26-year-old Naharudin Mahayudin, who finished out of the medals in the previous Games in Melbourne in 2006, taking silver for Malaysia with a total of 275kg. Sri Lankan Anton Sudesh won the bronze on 272kg.

On Monday 4th October 2010, Amirul Hamizan Ibrahim had given Malaysia a perfect start on the first day of official Games competitions by defending the men’s 56kg title.

Amirul’s triumph was expected but not for Aricco, who was only looking for a medal of sorts in his Games debut.

The Sabahan, who only joined the national senior squad two years ago, was virtually speechless when met after the prize giving ceremony but was clear on one thing.

He plans to use the reward from the NSC to help his mother buy a bigger house in his hometown.

“My mother still works for a living, taking up odd-jobs too. Maybe, I will give her the money to my mother to help her get a better house. I also want to keep a bit to go into small business with my brother,” said Aricco.

“I did not expect this today. I have never even managed a total of more than 273kg previously. I guess it’s also my luck that I claimed the gold. Naharudin also did well.”

Well Congrats Emily and Aricco, we Sabahans and Malaysians are proud of you.

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"GAGAL beraksi di Sukan Malaysia (Sukma) Terengganu 2008 berikutan demam panas, atlit Sabah, Aricco Jumitih menebus kehampaan itu dengan meraih dua pingat emas serta memecahkan satu rekod kebangsaan melalui acara angkat berat 62kg pada Sukma XIII, Dewan Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Ayer Keroh, Melaka semalam." Source:

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