Congratulations for a job well done!!

The RM150 banners by Sandhu Sports

I was involved directly to the organizing committee as Penolong Pengurus Kejohanan. I must admit that it was hard to organize an event such as this without the commitment from the team. I personally want to congratulate the organizing committee for making the event a very successful and memorable. Mohd Rasi Solong, as the Pengurus Kejohanan has to be given a credit for being very committed and having all the trouble by covering up jobs that have been left out by some teachers.

Mr Rasi Solong - Pengurus Kejohanan SOT 2009

The participating teams for the event were:

ARKA (Yellow teams)
Manager: Mr Haindy Sapikit

DATA (Green Teams)
Manager: Mr Mohd Khairul Nuzaiham

MEGA (Blue Teams)
Manager: Mr McManus Sing

SAGA (Red Teams)
Manager: Mr Hairuddin Yakup

The two days event started on the 8 of July with 26 gold medals up for grabs in 8 events. The events were 1500 m and 4 X 400 m in men and women open category, and discus throw, stoning spear, long jump, high jump, shot putt and 200 m with 4 categories respectively. Most of the events end at 11.45 a.m with high jump finish last at 12.30 p.m. These are among the pictures I have taken on the scene. The rest of the picture on Day 1 can be accessed at Pahaikan’s Album.

Hi yaaa....

This one is easy... hehehhehe..

After that, the rehearsal started and it ends around 2.30 p.m.

Rehearsal in a hot conditions.

Panas bah ni... bilalah mau habis...

The second day was much more happening. It started at 6.45 a.m as all the Teknik Tawau members gathers up at the stadium. The VIP arrived at 7.50 a.m and I was stuck in traffic jam at Jalan Utara. I can only pray that I will not miss the marching show because I have been monitoring the Unit Beruniform Teams for the past 2 weeks and I need to get their pictures for And, it’s a miracle that I made it at 8.10 a.m with the marching have just started. but I missed the SAGA and MEGA marching contingent. For the Unit Beruniform marching contingent, please click here: Perbarisan Unit Beruniform SMTT Sempena SINAR OBOR TEKNIK 2009.

ARKA team contingent.. Bravo!!

Got two sumandak leading the DATA contingent!

The scene from the stadium benches!

After that was the speeches from the VIP, Encik Abdul Rahman Kannan a representative for Encik Darman Shah Bin Hj. Asakil, Pegawai Pelajaran Gabungan Daerah Tawau who did not make it for some reason.

Mr Abdul Rahman Kannan delivering his speeches.

As the event being officiate by the VIP, the championship flag raised by the KPA. After that, the pledge being read out by Salman Bin Abdul Hamid who was covered with the participating team’s flag.

Ehem... ehem.. batuk dulu baru mula!!

It was a good opening ceremony and I am very happy to see the whole process goes well as planned. 

Hati-hati... saya kasih patah ni tangan ni!!

Ives kicking his opponent!!

Only 5 athletic events contested in the second day including the 8 X 50 m event for the teachers. The events were 800 m, 400 m, and 100 m with 4 categories each and 2 categories for 4 X 100 m relay. 

Mr Shamsudin enjoying the game from the benches!

Everything went surprisingly unexpected when most of the gold medal goes to ARKA and DATA in the men category while MEGA and SAGA grabs most of the medal in women category.

Many girl students collapsed during the event. JPA3 officials doing their job. Thanks!!

Some old records have been broken in this event. These were among the new record I manage to peek at the statistic desk. 

Salman Abdul Hamid   
100 m    NR: 11.52 s   OR: 11.89 s
200 m    NR: 24.34 s   OR: 25.18 s

Wan Zaleha                 
200 m    NR: 31.47 s   OR: 32.54 s

M Fauzan Ramli          
High Jump
NR: 1.73 m  OR: 1.62 m

Nurmilah Jamaludin    
Discus Throw   NR: 21.45 m   OR: 19.55 m
Shot putt  NR: 7.50 m  OR: 6.68 m

* NR - New record  **OR - Old record

There was also a controversial result for 4 X 100 m men relay when the first and second winners were disqualified for throwing away their batons after the finishing line. All the managers involved protest the judges decision. Remarkably, I was there filming the whole scene and the result was justified using the video as a visual evidence of the incident. The second and the fourth winners were disqualified.

The judges result sheet before the justification!

Disqualifications being justified before the winner being announced!

The teachers lining up for the race!

The moment before someone face bumped on the track!!

After the event for the teachers, all the students gathers up in the field for the announcement of the sportsmen and sportswoman of the event for 4 categories namely the Sportsmen Form 5, Sportswomen Form 5, Sportsmen Form 4 and the Sportswomen Form 4. The winners were displayed on the score board.

Gathers around for the final announcement!

The Unit Beruniform winners. Congrats!

Marching teams winners!

Sportsmen and sportswomen!

Overall points after the event finish!

The champions - ARKA team rules!! Salman receiving the Championship Cup from the principal.

The overall winner of the competition goes to ARKA (Yellow Teams) - 168 points, followed by DATA - 153, MEGA – 125 and SAGA - 112. Congratulations to all the managers and their teams!!

For me, SINAR OBOR TEKNIK 2009 end with its own style. All the hard work was paid off. Although there were some mistakes and difficulties, here and there but I bet not one on the stadium benches have noticed it. Well, that’s all for now. Until the next SOT, take care and God bless us all…

Note: There are over 100 pictures taken in this event. I am really sorry if your picture was not chosen for the main entry. If you want to browse the memories caught on the scene please click here: Pahaikan’s Album.